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Ask The Experts

  • Your Baby’s First Solid Food

    Dr Nancy Tan from SBCC Baby and Child Clinic shares with us some research on the the types of food to give to your baby and the recommended age for your baby to be weaned.

  • My 2 Year Old Girl Has Constipation

    My 2-year-old girl has constipation problems even though she drinks plenty of water, eat fruits & vegetables. Is it good for her to take duphalac & prebiotic?

  • Best Brand Of Formula Milk For Newborns

    What brand of formula milk is the best for newborn other than breast milk? Dr Nancy Tan, a paediatrician from SBCC Baby & Child Clinic shares her insight on this.

  • My Baby Seldom Farts

    My 3 months old baby seldom farted this few week and she had colic. She also doesn’t poo everyday. What should I do to let her pass out more gas? Dr Nancy Tan from SBCC Baby & Child Clinic answers this.

  • My 15 Month Old Son Refuses To Speak

    My 15 month old son refuses to speak, but he understands and responds well. He can recognize numbers 1-5 and shapes. Recently, he only started to utter 'pa', 'bye' and 'mam mam'. Does he need go for speech therapy?

  • Taking Medicine For Connective Tissue Disease

    Is it advisable for a mum to take medicine for Connective Tissue Disease (CTD) to breastfeed baby? Or should mummy stop breastfeeding?

  • My Baby Has Sensitve Skin

    My 15-month-old son has very sensitive skin and tend to have rashes at the back and lower back area when he's sweaty. I usually use Fucicort which was prescribed by a PD. Any side effects to it if used in the long term?

  • My Girl Is Not Speaking, Should I Be Worried?

    My 16 month old girl can't speak a word. My friend’s child can say 'ma ma', 'star', 'bird' and 'dog'. Should I be worried? Esther Lim, CEO and founder of LEAP SchoolHouse shares her insight on this.

  • Any Ways To Overcome Allergy?

    My son is 6 years old now. He had eczema in the past (has already recovered) and is allergic to dust, mites, animal fur. Is there anyway way to overcome this allergy and stop him from medicine totally?

  • My Child Refuses To Eat!

    My child refuses to eat. His appetite has gone down and it is a struggle to feed him. He also does not want to drink milk. What can I do to make him eat again?

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