Esplanade Presents Flipside 2012
Paper Window by Ccotbbat (Korea)

26 May, Sat (3pm & 7.30pm)
27 May, Sun (3pm)

Venue: Esplanade Recital Studio

Price: $35 (Parent-Child Packages from $45 available)

Age Group: Suitable for families and children age 4 and above

A magical sketchbook comes to life!

Paper Window is an interactive performance that transports performer and audience alike through an imaginary and often humorous world.

With a live video backdrop, embark on a journey created out of the real-time actions of the performer, the drawings of a painter, with the participation of the audience.

Immerse yourself intriguing stories and interactive moments as a bare white wall becomes an infinite canvas, bound only by the imaginations of everyone present.

Be taken on a journey where reality meets imagination!

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