Origins Nail SpaNestled in Bukit Batok, Origins Nails Spa (an affiliate of Origins Jamu Massage) was founded with a simple philosophy – to provide professional and original nail care. I was greeted by its founder, Ms Rebecca Chan and her friendly staff. Her staff offered me some treatments called “The Origins” and what caught my eye was their wide range of variety of treatments to choose from. In addition, Rebecca informed me that Origins Nail Spa uses 100% natural ingredients for their scrub and mask.

Below are the choices available for their scrub and mask treatment:

Choice of Scrub

  • Green Tea (Anti Oxidant, Anti Ageing, Whitening)
  • Coffee (Anti Oxidant, Boost Circulation)
  • Ginger (Warming, Soothes Aches, Nourish)
  • Chocolate (Anti Oxidant, Repair, Rejuvenate, Firming)

Choice of Mask

  • Green Tea (Anti Oxidant, Anti Ageing, Whitening)
  • Coffee (Anti Oxidant, Boost Circulation)
  • Ginger (Warming, Soothes Aches, Nourish)
  • Chocolate (Anti Oxidant, Repair, Rejuvenate , Firming)
  • Milk (Whitening, Soften, Repair)
  • Balinese Boreh (Warming, For Muscle Aches or wind)

With all the choices available, I was spoiled for choice! It took me awhile to decide which treatment to try. I ended up choosing the Coffee Scrub and Chocolate Mask. Next comes to the fun part, choosing the colours. I was greeted by a huge variety of over 300 colours, some of which are Origins-Nail-Spa-Organic-Gelish-Nailsunder the brand of Zoya polish. What’s special about this polish is that it is free from the 5 harmful chemicals contained in normal commercial nail polish. I also tried the organic gelish colour, Angel Pro from Japan.

For mothers who are expecting or nursing, you can still pamper yourself and beautify your nails! Here, a specially concocted treatment “Natura Organic” offers chemical-free nail polishes, coupled with their natural mask and scrub ingredients. You can now safely enjoy mani and pedicures without having to worry about intoxicating any harmful substances.

non toxic nail polish for childrenRebecca then showed me a cute bottle and introduced me to Piggy Paint, which is a water based nail colour safe for kids and pregnant mums. I couldn’t help but bought a couple of bottles for my 6 year old daughter.

Overall, my Nail Spa Treatment with Origins Nail Spa was a very refreshing and natural experience. After the chemical-free and organic scrub and mask, I could feel that my previously calloused feet and rough hands were smoother and more supple. A relaxing and cosy place with a calm and soothing ambiance, I thoroughly enjoyed the treatment and service at Origins Nail Spa.

Origins Nail Spa is offering 2 great promotions now!

a) “The Origins” Promotion at only @$68 (UP $108)
Enjoy their Signature Treatment, a Complete Manicure & Pedicure with 100% Natural Green Scrub & Milk Mask for whitening, anti- oxidant and rejuvenate Skin. Get Glowing, Radiant and Smooth Skin as you pamper and nourish your hands and feet.

origins nail spa pedi nailb) “The Classics” Manicure / Pedicure Gelish Promotion
i) Gelish Classic Mani @$55 (usual $73)
ii) Gelish Classic Pedi @$70 (usual $86)

Complimentary: Return Gelish Soak Off

What TNAP recommends:
Begin with “The Classics”, the basic complete nail treatment. It includes exfoliating, cleaning, shaping, filing of the nails, tidy cuticle area plus a relaxing massage to boost circulation and ease tiredness. Finish off with wide range of Gelish Nail Colour (Organic Gelish Colour available too) for a long lasting and glossy nails.