child's allergic risk
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1 in 5 children* are at risk of allergy. Is your child one of them? Take the ART test and find out.

NAN HA3 contains OPTI PRO^HA, which are partially hydrolyzed proteins broken down to make it easier to digest and reduce allergenic potential of cow’s milk. * Based on Singapore statistics. Give your child the best advantage.

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Take the ART test and take the first step towards allergy prevention. Eczema is an increasingly common childhood allergy. It can leave your little one itchy and uncomfortable, affect the sleep and happiness of your whole family. It also increases the risk of development other allergies later in life. Experts agree prevention is the key to breaking this cycle.

OPTIPRO are partially hydrolysed proteins, created using a unique process that breaks whole cow’s milk proteins into pieces that are 10x smaller.

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