Norton Online Family - Family SafeI was invited to Norton Online Family Report 2010. Was considering if I should attend it initially but I decided to give it a go as the person who called mentioned it is a seminar addressing internet influences on kids. I immediately felt that it addressed my concerns as being a mother of 2 young kids who are very net “savvy” due to my work nature.

My 4 year old son can comfortably navigates on You-tube, Facebook, The New Age Parents and Google and even assist his 3 year old sister to navigate to her favourite Walt Disney cartoons on You-Tube when I am off my computer.

Naturally, I am concerned on the contents they are being exposed to and how do I keep them safe in the world of internet. I was shocked to know that most parents are clueless of what their kids are doing on the internet and seven out of ten children have been exposed to negative experiences online which has impacted them emotionally.

During the seminar, we were introduced to Norton Online Family, which I think that it is quite a cool parenting tool to address some of the concerns that we parents have on the net usage of our kids.

Norton Online Family is a family friendly approach to online safety by helping the parents manage their kids’ activities on the internet and at the same time without intruding into the privacy of our children. It contains tools that block objectionable content, which are not suitable for kids and also allow parents to set clear rules, get insight on the search term and social networking sites that our children went to.

It also delivers real time message, which allows the kids to send a note to their parents when they attempt to visit a blocked site. In this case, we parents can have a heart to heart open discussion with our children on their web activities without letting the kids thought that we are spying on them. It is a web-based service whereby parents are given the flexibility to log in from any computer to adjust the settings and monitor the kids online activities whenever and wherever we like.

Of course, apart from online parenting tool to help us monitor their activities, as parents, we should do our part by:

  1. Show an interest and ask questions to know more about their online activities
  2. Assure them that they can come to you if something unpleasant happen.
  3. Always lend a listening ear and do not punish when things goes wrong
  4. Spend more time with them. All children loves to spend time with their parents in comparison to the internet.

Norton Online Family is a free service. You may want to find out more and download the service at

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