embodiedmovementEmbodied Movement is delighted to offer another series of workshops and sessions in Singapore from March till mid-April.

Embodied Movement offers workshops using creative arts, mainly, non-verbal movement (from the perspective of dance/movement therapy approaches) accompanied by art and music, to explore and develop embodied self-awareness and in return towards others. We also provide sessions for parents-to-be and parents in helping them to develop parenting with awareness.

With the awareness at the bodily level brings the awareness to the mind and thus integrating and bringing oneself to wholeness. Embodied Movement is delighted to offer another series of workshops for adults, couples, parents and children and also personal therapy sessions for individual, couple and group upon request.

embodied-movement-creative-dance-for-children1. Embodied Self-Awareness (for adults)

7 to 9 pm, Fri
4 March – Introduction to Bartenieff Fundamentals & breath
11 March – Senses & Perception
18 March – Feet
25 March – Body

2. Connected as One (for couples)
5 March, Sat, 2 to 4pm

embodied-movement-sharing-dance-with-your-child3. Sharing Dance with Your Child (for parents and child)

5, 12 March, Sat
Group 1 -10 to 10.50pm, 4 to 6 year old
Group 2 – 11 to 11.50pm, 2 1/2 to 3 year old

4. Creative Dance for Children (for children)
19, 26 March, Sat

Group 1 – 2 to 2.50pm, 3 to 5 year old
Group 2 – 3 to 3.50pm, 6 to 8 year old

5. Support Individual, Couple or Group Sessions Using Aware Parenting Approaches

Special arrangement can be made for individual, couple or group sessions using Aware Parenting Approaches based on the Aware Baby Book. Selective chapters can be chosen and focused for the session(s).

6. Individual/Couple Personal Therapy or Personal Well-being

Special request for individual, couple therapy or for personal growth and well-being is available.

Email dancetherapy.kmp@gmail.com for detailed outline of sessions, cost and registration form.

To know more about dance/movement therapy, visit www.embodiedmovement-dancetherapy.com

Portfolio of trainer:

sharing-dance-with-your-childElizabeth Rutten-Ng is a trained and qualified dance/movement therapist (Codarts Rotterdam Dance Academy), NVDAT member in Netherlands, professional member of ADTA.

She is currently running her own private practice, Embodied Movement and doing fieldwork. Her interest area of research is in early intervention and prevention, infant mental health, fetal notation, movement analysis and culture.

Her training specialises in working with all population; and is trained in Laban movement analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, authentic movement, Stop Technique, first phase of Kestenberg Movement Profile (KMP) and Movement Psychodiagnostic Inventory; and currently, an aspiring student of KMP, Aware Parenting Approaches, Infant Developmental Movement Education and Ways of Seeing Approaches.

She has done field work with a wide range of populations and has worked with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder patients in her internships.

She has assisted a dance therapist in a research paper based on Laban movement observation and did movement observation on mothers and babies using The Emotional Availability Scales and KMP.