The holidays are here and we know that for some parents this means a fairly exhausting time planning fun activities for the little ones. Fret not, for great, innovative products that could boost your home and family life have arrived, and will definitely stay with you well beyond the holidays.

Tech and Creativity
For starters, make bath time fun and educational with the iShower- a water resistant, wireless speaker that lets you pair it with most bluetooth enabled smartphones and tablets, and stream music from your playlists and music apps.makey makey

Make indoor activities an absolute hoot for your kids (and your own inner kid) with the nifty invention kit Makey Makey, where fun is as endless as your imagination. If photography is more up your alley, help the aspiring shutterbug in the family unleash their potential with the Easy-Macro. The Easy-Macro is a compact, convenient slip-on lens for your phones and tablets that allows you to take crystal clear, detailed close ups.

If you’d like to introduce the joys of the kitchen to your kids or simply need a fuss free way to prepare food for the family, give the Pluck Egg Yolk Extractor a try as it makes baking and cooking a breeze.

Zoku popsicle makersWhen the weather gets too hot, relax and cool off with a wide range of delightfully easy to use Zoku popsicle makers– perfect for the whole family to make a garden variety of icy treats while spending quality bonding time in the kitchen. A great addition to the Zoku family of popsicle makers is the Zoku Chocolate Station- a wonderful little kit that allows you and the little ones to create gourmet pops right at home.

Dip, drizzle and sprinkle your already frozen pops with decadent chocolate, caramel, rainbow sprinkles or other yummy goodies like granola or almond slivers. The Zoku Chocolate Station makes for a great fun (and delicious) time in the kitchen, allowing your kids to enjoy their edible creations. Also, don’t forget to fuel family outings and picnics with cool, fresh meals and drinks with the Frozzypack Lunchbox.

Advocate and Earn
These are just some products that are currently available from TackThis Advocates, a site that supports companies with innovative products by spreading the word about them by encouraging users to advocate for products that they believe in. Users of TackThis Advocates are able to select products that catch their eye and advocate for them by embedding the product widget onto their blogs or Facebook. The current products available are tech, personal, and home and family related.

How TackThis Advocates works is easy: besides signing up to be an advocate and purchasing the desired products for themselves, users are also able to let their friends know about these products by embedding the product’s widget code onto their personal websites or social media sites, similar to embedding a YouTube video. Their friends would then be able to purchase the products directly from these embedded widgets, making for a seamless e-commerce experience.

In addition, users who have embedded the product widgets get a 10-30% commission for each item that was purchased directly from these widgets on their personal sites as a sign of appreciation. TackThis Advocates is perfect for stay at home mums and parents who are looking for additional income without sacrificing their quality time with the family, as product sourcing, inventory, payment and delivery are handled by TackThis Advocates.TackThisTackThis Advocates is created by Singapore startup company Paywhere, the company behind TackThis Shop which had empowered thousands of sellers with e-shops on various platforms like Facebook and blogs.

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