Have you been wanting to re-organize or clean your whole house for the longest time?

Have a nasty termite invasion in your home and no idea who to call?

Need a baby sitter for the weekend?

Looking for a mover to help you shift all your furniture?

Or simply need a helping hand?

MyButler to the rescue!

Founded in 2013, MyButler.com.sg is a website providing a host of housekeeping services. Just like a personal butler or concierge service (via a phone call away), MyButler works with a selected pool of partners and home service providers, and are dedicated to bringing the highest quality of service to you. For families who wish to have their own privacy and looking for an alternative to a stay-in domestic helper, MyButler is your next best choice.

Extremely user-friendly and available all day online, MyButler does the sourcing and liaising to arrange your errands and chores to fit your schedule, at your own time and convenience. They are a one stop portal dedicated to all your household needs, just like a butler! This means no more rescheduling of your meetings, no more cancellations of playdates or family outings, and more time for family bonding.

A one-stop service provider!

mybutler - one stop service provider

MyButler can help you with:

  • Laundry
  • Housekeeping
  • Babysitting
  • Errands
  • Handyman
  • Pet Services
  • Movers


However, if you wish to request a particular service, you can also leave a note for them in the Order Form, under ‘Comments’. That’s right, you name it, they do it. MyButler has even fixed a baby cot for a mummy once.

Okay, I’m in! How do I go about placing an order?
To place an order for any of the above services, simple register, fill in the requested form and MyButler will respond to you within 24 hours. Most payment is to be made after the service is provided, unless for special errands where the ‘butler’ has to leave the premise. No payment or deposit is required at the time of your order.

Butlers may be uncommon here in Singapore and a thing of the past. But here in Singapore, a new breed of butlers is here to cater to the modern demands of parenting… so why not get your own personal ‘butler’ today?

Log on to their website www.mybutler.com.sg for more details.


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