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“Mumpreneur Business: Defining your Brand Identity & Business Persona. Using it to engage online services”

This is a 2-part Workshop by Mums@Work

Firstly explore your Brand. Learn what your Brand represents & come up with a basic Brand Strategy that can set you apart from other similar businesses.

Thereafter, discover how to work with online vendors (Website Design, Logo Design, Corporate Videos, Promotional Flyers). To communicate effectively and to ensure these vendors can deliver what you want, you must be able to describe your business persona in clear terms.

This is a hands-on workshop, where you will learn to create an Imageboard – a useful tool for communicating your vision to clients and to service providers.

Mumpreneurs who:
+ are users of online services like Fiverr, Design Contest, etc.
+ have a business idea and want to start to act
+ are in early stages of planning their own business
+ keen to learn a little more about Corporate Identity, design, branding and marketing.

The workshop is limited to 15 persons only.
25th Feb 2014 (Tues)
9:30am – 1:30pm
SCWO – Training Room
*All attendees will receive

  • handouts
  • tea-break
  • a chance to be part of a private Interactive Facebook Group of Mumpreneurs: which allows you to share and learn from each other

To sign up for this event. (We have only 15 seats!)