Mum is seeking help on Giveasia to raise money for her to get her Class 3 license so that she can find a proper job and ‘learn to fish herself’.

Below is her message:

“I’m a mother of 5 young kids… aged 9, 8, 5, 3 and 1 yrs old. My 8-year-old boy has ADHD and on daily medication, my 5-year-old girl is now suspect of ADHD and my last is a premie and required special formula – Similac Neosure.

giveasia Marina Ali

Currently, my husband is the only one working with his salary we are struggling. CDC is helping with $110 per month. I’m currently on medication for depression and hope to get well soon. I have tried to go out and work to help with the finances even though the doctor asked me not to work. But after working a week the kids will fall sick and I have to take leave n the company not happy and was asked to leave. After getting the job I feel so much better my confidence grow but after I was asked to leave I fell hopeless. Sometimes I even think of ending my life and many times went I feel like a useless mum…😭😭

I’m currently trying to upgrade myself by taking class 3 driving license. I have passed my basic and am waiting for my final but the cost for practical is so expensive. I have tried asking for help but no one can help. My reason to take Class 3 is so that once I passed I can get a job that allows bringing back the vehicle in a way I can save a lot on transportation. I don’t even mind to drive a taxi. So that I can bring the kids out often. I have approached MPS, organizations, temple, mosque and many other foundations.

All I’m asking for is a 2nd chance in life to change the family situation. I’m a precreta survivor and believe god give me a 2nd chance to change everything.

I need help taking my license. Please help me. I have tried many organizations but none want to help. I really can’t face any more rejection and at the same time, I don’t want to depend on CDC for so long. Please help me if u can. I want to move them away from all the bad influence as currently, I’m staying in a rental flat. Really hope you can help me… it is a need for me… not a want… hope you understand my situation. Thank you.”

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