Shedding (moon)light on traditional Chinese arts and Singapore’s Chinese heritage with a special selection of virtual programmes.

The Esplanade presents our 17th edition of Moonfest 2021 – A Mid-Autumn Celebration featuring a wide array of traditional Chinese arts performances and activities by Singapore and overseas artists.

Moonfest 2021 Mid Autumn Festival Esplanade

This year, they have planned a hybrid festival comprising both on-site live performances from 17 to 19 September 2021, and digital programme offerings till 3 October 2021. More information about Moonfest programmes live at Esplanade will be revealed soon!

We shortlist some of the Free Programmes you may be interested in for this year’s Moonfest 2021 – A Mid Autumn Celebration At Esplanade.

The Tiger Hero
Paper Monkey Theatre (Singapore)

Moonfest 2021 Mid Autumn Festival Esplanade Paper Monkey Theatre

Date: 18 September 2021
Time: 2pm, 3pm & 4pm
Venue: Esplanade Concourse
Admission: Free

Join the adventures of Wu Song in this puppetry rendition of an excerpt from the classic Chinese novel, Water Margin. Presented by Paper Monkey Theatre and performed with traditional metal rod puppets, this is a story of courage and perseverance through hardship. The young ones venture out with Wu Song as he encounters a ferocious man-eating tiger.


A Mooncake Adventure with Chef Bing!
Ong Li Wen & Chloe Lim (Singapore)

Date: 18 & 19 September 2021
Time: 11.45am (English) | 2.30pm & 4.45pm (Mandarin)
Venue: PIP’s PLAYbox
Admission: Free (Pre-registration is required for admission into PIP’s PLAYbox)
Age group: For ages 2 and above.

There will also be a hands-on clay mooncake-making workshop activity happening from 3.15pm – 3.45pm each day.


Journey to the West: The Tongtian River
Taipei Puppetry Theater (Taiwan)

Moonfest 2021 Mid Autumn Festival Esplanade Taipei Puppetry Theater

Date: 17 September 2021
Time: Premieres on 17 Sep 2021, Fri, 3pm (Available on Esplanade Offstage and Facebook after the premiere.)
Venue: Online
Admission: Watch for free

An excerpt taken from the classic and well-loved novel, Journey to the West, this performance of The Tongtian River showcases the uniqueness of Taiwanese Hand Puppetry. With dynamic pacing and hilarious punchlines, this classic tale has been given a modern spin that is rich in artistry and full of fun. Enjoy this traditional hand puppetry performance in the comfort of your own home.


Lantern Riddles Online
Riddle Association (Singapore)

Date: 19 September 2021
Time: Live stream on 19 Sep, Sun, 8.30pm (Available online until 3 Oct, Sun, 11.59pm)
Venue: Online
Admission: Free

Lantern riddles have been a time-honored way of marking the Mid-Autumn Festival. This year, the Riddle Association goes online to present this ancient tradition which covers everything from poems, trivia and folklore to historical events and even social issues. Master basic riddle-solving techniques and pit your wits against fellow online participants.


Autumn Mistral, Moonlight Allure
Cheng San Chinese Orchestra (Singapore)

Moonfest 2021 Mid Autumn Festival Esplanade Chinese Orchestra

Date: 19 September 2021
Time: 7pm & 8.30pm (7pm: Also livestreamed, available online until 3 Oct, Sun, 11.59pm)
Venue: Esplanade Outdoor Theatre & Online
Admission: Free

For more information, visit here.

Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 21 September 2021 this year. Remember to check out our list of Best Mooncakes and Best Bak Kwa in Singapore 2021.

Ding Bakery Mooncake

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Pang Sua Pond Mid Autumn

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