1. Can you tell us about yourself?
Moon LohI’m a work at home mom and I have my home based internet business. I call myself a Mompreneur. Mompreneur is a mom who establishes businesses at home while also acting as the parent of their children.

2. What inspired you to be a mompreneur?
Since I’m a mom, I always wish to have more time for my daughter, participate more in her life and at the same time have my own income. Therefore, when I came across the opportunity of internet business, I decided to start my own home business and become a mompreneur.

3. Can you share with us your first success in the internet business arena?
I’m happy to have my own online coaching program in Internet Marketing – Mompreneur Hub. The purpose of the online program is to let more moms who want to spend more time with the family and at the same time have their own income have the chance to make their dreams come true. I didn’t treat this as my first success but is a good start. The most important thing is that I am glad to know that the members are learning and doing well with the program.

4. What is the biggest obstacle that you face as a work at home mum and how you overcome it?
Work at home is good in the sense that I can arrange my own time, work whenever and everywhere I want. However, it has the disadvantages too. For example, I hardly concentrate on my work when my daughter needs my company and she doesn’t know that I’m actually at work.

I know clearly that my purpose of work at home is to have more time for the kid. However, I also need self-discipline and be serious in my home business. I tried many methods to get the balance between work and family. Now my daughter is at nursery and I can focus my work during the daytime and spend time with her when she is at home.

5. What do you like best about your business?
Internet business is a business that involves no physical products, no dealing with customers through phones or meet up, and no barriers of country. I can actually work anywhere and whenever I like. The time is flexible and the business is autopilot. In long term, I gain time freedom and as well as financial freedom.

6. What are your current websites?
My blogs and websites:

Mompreneur AsiaWebsite shares information about Mompreneur.www.mompreneurasia.com

Mompreneur HubOnline Internet Marketing Learning Hub to start internet business and learn about internet marketing. – http://mompreneurhub.com

Babymoon AsiaWebsite shares information and places to travel during pregnancy. – http://babymoonasia.com

MoonLoh.comBlog shares about my learning curve in internet marketinghttp://moonloh.com

CoolestBabyMoonMy daughter’s blog shares about parenting and parenthood – http://coolestbabymoon.com

7. Lastly, can you share your top 3 tips to all mothers who want to succeed as a mompreneur or inspire to be one.

Tip #1
Learn – Education is powerful and don’t stop learning! You will improve and your business will grow with every new ideas and techniques you implement in the business.

Tip #2
Business Plan – You need to develop a business plan and it’s always important to establish your goals. The first question to ask yourself is why want to be a work at home mom. List down the answers will help to keep you motivated. Secondly, the business model is important before you start up any business.

Tip #3
Don’t forget your vision – Do remember your vision of work from home, break through whatever artificial barriers you have created in your mind and just go do it. You will soon be on your way to a successful work from home Mompreneur.

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