MiniEdu AnimalsPlain, hard, and bulky blocks are out. Today, blocks are made from a wide range of materials from plastic, bamboo to rubber! Yes, rubber! This is what makes Mini EduBlocks from Nurture Seeds unique.

The Mini Edublock has three different themes to choose from

  • Mini Educolor
  • Mini Edutrain
  • Mini Eduanimals

The Mini Educolor set is available in 26 and 52 pieces of brightly coloured blocks for endless block fun! On top of colored blocks, the 30 piece Mini Edutrain set includes three train sets (it even comes with a smiley faced figures) while the 28 piece Mini Eduanimal set comes with 22 coloured blocks and 6 animal pieces.

Certified by American Society for Testing and Materials, the Mini Edublock sets are suitable and ideal for children 12 – 18 months. For convenience, each set comes in a clear cylindrical zipper bag, which doubles as a carry case for the blocks.

Safe, Soft and flexible!
These Mini EduBlocks may look like normal blocks, but pick one up and you will know what makes these blocks different. These blocks are not hard and sturdy but soft and flexible! With the child’s safety in mind, these blocks are made of rubber which does not break off easily when thrown on the floor. Although it is flexible, your child can still connect and stack them up together.

Because of the rubber material, these blocks do not have sharp edges. You can now have a peace of mind when you toddler decides to explore the toy block with his mouth. Not just ideal for dry indoor play, it is even safe to use for water play! Bring the mini EduBlocks with you to the next swim session with your tot (and you don’t even have to go underwater to retrieve them since it floats!).

Some benefits of block play:MiniEdu Train

  • Physical Development (Motor Skills)

– Big and light weight blocks are easier to grasp for your little ones to practice their gross and fine motor skills

  • Creativity

– Blocks are open ended toys that allow children to use their build and create

– Enhance their problem solving skills as they learn first-hand what will and will not work

– Develop skills in design, representation, balance and stability

  • Cognitive Development

– Enhance your baby’s shape and colour recognition

– Develop skills in basic math and physics as they learn concepts such as size, shape and weight

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“Nurturing kids should start from young, but not in a stressful manner.”

This is the belief of Nurture Seeds. Their products are carefully selected for their quality and adherence to different toy safety standards.

This advertorial was first featured in The New Age Parents online magazine Aug/Sep 2012 issue.

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