Monsters Alive!

We are brewing something spooky and fun this March School Holiday! Come discover a world of monsters and let your child’s creative juices flow. Here, they will get to be involved in the creative process, learn about concept building, as well as techniques for reading and writing.

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Reading Workshop (3 – 6 years old in 2018)

Mummies, Daddies and little juniors will go on a monster expedition and experience how Integrated Phonics (using songs, rhymes and poems) and Listening & Reading Comprehension (through Immersive Reading Strategies) can come together in a fun and out of the box way. Do join in the fun and interact with our fun monsters in this workshop!

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Monsters Alive march holidays

*One parent is required during the workshop. Min. 5 families for workshop to commence.

2 Day Writing Workshop (Pri 1 – Pri 4 in 2018)

This monster expedition takes your child on a journey to discover the wonders of creative writing! Discover Adjectives, Conjunctions, Verbs and many more with our Monsters. Through this two-day monster expedition, children will get to create learn all about creative writing and create their very own masterpiece. Be sure to cheer them on and see the “before and after” results of their work.

Check out the schedule and book here.

Minimum 6 children for workshop to commence.

PSLE Workshop (Pri 6 in 2018)

Revisit the key concepts in PSLE English, Maths, Science and Chinese in our workshops. Here, your child will gain a better understanding of the curriculum through engaging classroom activities and projects, and learn effective exam strategies that will help them excel in PSLE with confidence.

  • English: Comprehension Skills (Sequencing, Using Contextual Clues, Making Inferences, Drawing Conclusions, Interpreting Figurative Language etc.).
  • Chinese: Useful tips for comprehension and how to write an excellent composition.
  • Science: Important Science concepts, using Science process skills and developing problem solving skills through experimentation.
  • Maths: Maths concepts of measurement and recording data including charts, graphs and diagrams.

Check out the schedule and book here.

psle workshops

Minimum 6 children for workshop to commence.

Champion Mind Workshop (Pri 1 – Pri 4 in 2018)

With the new PSLE scoring system that will come into effect in 2021, your child’s schooling years will be focused on building aptitude and overall development. Through MindChamps’ proprietary Champion Mind workshop, you can empower your child with crucial learning, thinking and communication skills needed to excel in school and beyond.

Check out the schedule and book here.

Champion Mind workshops

Minimum 10 children for workshop to commence.