For some children, the classroom can be ‘hard work’ and the playground can be a lonely or unhappy place because of their developmental delays or functioning difficulties.

special needs person

Early detection is key, for it is the foundation on which therapy can be built upon.

But in most situations, it is beyond a parent’s ability to treat or even detect a child’s developmental delays or needs. That is why there are specialists working in preschools to help teachers identify developmental delays or needs in children.

MindChamps Allied Care will be organising a series of dedicated events which promote the close working relationship between therapists, teachers and families to support a child’s development.

MindChamps Allied Care Event

Guest Speaker Dr Susan Lowe’s will outline executive functioning abilities that support readiness for learning, presenting a strategic approach to promote student’s engagement in learning across academic and social domains.

She will also focus on the importance of strong partnerships between teachers, parents and allied health professionals and provide opportunities to explore the following:

  • How can we identify the strengths and difficulties of a student’s executive functioning abilities during performance in the context of their everyday school activities?
  • What are effective cognitive strategies which can support a student’s increased engagement in learning within academic domains at school and social domains at home?
  • How can teachers, parents and allied health professionals collaborate in a meaningful and relevant way?

If you are a parent of a child with developmental delay, an special needs educator or therapist, this talk is for you.

The importance of these children benefitting from a mainstream and inclusive learning environment. With early intervention, the child will develop the competencies he or she requires for Primary One.

Topic: How can parents best support their child’s adaptation to school and learning?

Date and time: 20 Feb, Mon, 6.30pm – 9.30pm

Venue: MindChamps HQ, Toa Payoh HDB Hub East Wing (Level 17)

Fee: $68

Issues to addressed in this talk:

  • How can I help my child progress better in therapy?
  • How do I reduce the frustration I have with my child’s learning differences?
  • How do I better understand what my child is going through?
  • How can I help my other children understand their sibling with learning differences?

Topic: Preparing your child for Primary School

Date and time: 21 Feb, Tue, 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Venue: MindChamps HQ, Toa Payoh HDB Hub East Wing (Level 17)

Fee: $40

Issues to addressed in this talk:

  • Problems paying attention in class
  • Difficulties learning in class
  • Difficulties in reading
  • Struggles with handwriting
  • Difficulties in making friends with children of the same age

Are you concerned that your child will:

  • Find it hard to adapt to Primary One
  • Not be able to be independent in Primary School
  • Be afraid to buy his/her own food during recess
  • Have difficulties making friends
  • Have difficulties in academic learning

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