When children are concentrating on reading or watching tv, playing video games or even playing with mobile phones, they tend to fix their focus on it continuously. These activities stiffen their eye muscles, restricting blood circulation around the eyes and resulting eye-stressed. This eye-stressed is the major cause for nearsightedness.

Lumi Dots Pinhole Eye Masks

Nearsightedness is the most common eye problem affecting our children today. Studies have shown that two out of five Primary 3 students are nearsighted.

At the age of 12, more than half our of Primary 6 students are myopic. Although myopia is passed down as a genetic trait, environment factors do play an important contributor.

Lumi Dots Pinhole Eye Masks For ChildrenLumi Dots is also very suitable for children who has problem in taking nap at the Childcare Center. It cuts off day light and at the same time allows the child to peep through the pinholes without the fears of total darkness.

Discerning parent, don’t you worry about your child’s eyesight? Invest in a pair of simple & cost effective Lumi Dots Pinhole Eye Mask today. Protect the window of your child’s Souls!

Train your child to take good care of his/ her eyes from young.

Don’t wait till it’s too late !!

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