sense-logoIn the past, once you have decided to be a stay-at-home mum, chances of returning to working life would be very slim. However, today, more mothers are planning to choose to return to work again. Some want to strike a work-life balance, a few seek future career prospects as children are now old enough to take care of themselves, while others want to contribute to the family income.

Whatever your reasons are for returning to work after a long hiatus, you might feel a bit lost. Going back to work after a long break can be both mentally and physically challenging. With rapid advancements economically and technologically, standards and qualifications are bound to rise as well. Thus, your field of expertise might be different from before. The job you once had might appear to be much more demanding now.

So, what can you do? Where can you go for help? It’s time to get your SENSE of direction back.

Other than being a champion to facilitate lifelong learning for lifelong employability, SENSE helps to ease the transition of going back to work. With the Back-to-Work Women Programme, you are not alone in your quest to re-enter the job market after many years of being a stay-at-home mom. SENSE holds regular seminars (call 6478 3100 to find out the next available date) where the “3S” approach (Step Out, Support and Skill) is shared with participants.
Why choose SENSE?
– Personalized one-to-one career coaching services
– Job-matching services and employment opportunity (including flexi-hour jobs)
– Training grant of up to 95%
– Wide range of courses (including WSQ courses accredited with WDA)
– Reliable training partners to empower participants with necessary qualification and skills to secure that new job!
To all those mothers out there who are keen to return back to work, but are still a little unsure, consider approaching SENSE. As long as you have the desire to return to working life, their Career Coaches with do their best to map out your training and career pathway, and assimilate you into your new job as smoothly as possible.
Contact SENSE:
Hotline : 6478 3100
Email :
Address : 1 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh S(319376)

Written by Yvonne & Michelle