LEGO Singapore has officially launched the LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS June Holiday event, “Power Up to Become a NEXO KNIGHTS Hero”. Held at VivoCity till 19 June 2016, children aged 5  – 14 can register on-site to join the NEXO Knights on an immersive quest that transports them right to the heart of the evil Jestro’s Volcano Lair.

Vivocity Power Up to Become a NEXO KNIGHTS booth

With exciting activities including the virtual experience feature, NEXO KNIGHTS Virtual Training 101, as well as the Volcano Lava Battle, young knights can complete multiple quests to win the Shield of Honour. They will also be awarded with a limited edition certificate, along with two event-exclusive shields that they can scan to improve their in-game NEXO KNIGHT characters.

Date: 1 – 19 June 2016
Time: 10 am – 10 pm
Venue: Vivocity, Court B

Power Up to Become a NEXO KNIGHTS Hero Activities Vivocity

TNAP is giving away a LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS Hamper worth $99.50 and a LEGO® Nexo Knights™ The Fortrex worth $179.90!

Hamper includes:

1 x LEGO® Nexo Knights™ ULTIMATE Clay ($19.90)

LEGO Nexo Knight Clay

Blow enemies away with Ultimate Clay’s Sword Tornado blades, or spin the swords on Ultimate Clay’s ultra armor to blow the enemies off their feet!

1 x LEGO® Nexo Knights™ULTIMATE Macy ($19.90)

LEGO Nexo Knight Macy

Time for Ultimate Macy to extinguish the Lava army with Mace Rain power. Ultimate Macy might be a princess, but she knows how to fight with the futuristic NEXO Powers.

1 x LEGO® Nexo Knights™ ULTIMATE Aaron ($19.90)

LEGO Nexo Knight Aarron

Call in Ultimate Aaron’s arrow strike to hit multiple targets! Defeat Ultimate Aaron’s enemies in one stroke with the awesome Target Blaster NEXO Power.  The taste of victory will be sweet, as he attacks your enemies with banana bombs!

1 x LEGO® Nexo Knights™ ULTIMATE Robin ($19.90)

LEGO Nexo Knight Robin

Shoot to the top of the class with Ultimate Robin and his robotic armor. Ultimate Robin is only in his first year at Knight’s Academy, but has robotic ultra armor in a class of its own. Change his impressive spring-loaded shooter into robot legs to grow tall. Jolt opponents with the static shock projectiles or be sneaky and throw chicken legs at the enemy.

1 x LEGO® Nexo Knights™Ultimate Beast Master ($19.90)

LEGO Nexo Knight Beastmaster

Have a blast with the fearsome Ultimate Beast Master! Ultimate Beast Master might have an explosive temper – but this time he’s got his hands on dynamite! Throw the sticks at the opponents or whizz the manic Globlins around on chains.

OR stand to win a LEGO® Nexo Knights™ The Fortrex ($179.90)

LEGO Nexo Knight The Fortrex

Roll into action with the NEXO KNIGHTS™ 2-in-1 battle rolling castle! Fold out the walls to reveal the hi-tech HQ. Includes 5 scannable shields for NEXO Powers: Ground Pound, Super Human Speed, Hawk Holler, ChickenPower and Charging Attack.

How to participate:

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Contest ends 26 June 2016.

Winners will be contacted via phone and email. Winners will have to collect their prizes at TNAP office.

All the featured LEGO NEXO Knights toys are available at Toys R’ Us outlets.