Leap Playcentre Language Enrichment

At LEAP, we strongly believe that when children participate actively in meaningful tasks, they learn more effectively than being passive recipients of knowledge.

We aim to introduce various learning experiences to develop the following areas in our children:

  • Literacy
  • Print Concepts
  • Pre-Writing Conepts
  • Social Skills
  • Fine & Gross Motor Skills
  • Communication Skills
  1. BEC / WHIZ Beanies (8 to 18 months old)
  2. BEC / WHIZ Explorers (18 to 24 months old)
  3. BEC / WHIZ Creators (24 to 36 months old)
  4. LEAP TOTS Programme

Call us at 6634 0828 to find out more. Read more at: www.leapschoolhouse.com.sg. Follow us at www.facebook.com/leapschoolhouse