Bringing Up Healthy Children Quiz

Caring for the health and well being of your child’s is a big responsibility. As a parent you are the single biggest influence on your child’s health.

feng-shui-parentingFind out how much you know about taking care of your child’s health and well being. Take this short 8 questions quiz and win attractive prizes.

Contest period: 23rd May 2011 to 13th June 2011.

The 1st 50 correct entries will win a copy of the international best seller “There Is No Secret To FENG SHUI Parenting” – by ANN LAW worth $27 and a 1 year complimentary $30,000 personal accident cover for their child.

The next 100 entries will win MacDonalds meal vouchers and a 1 year complimentary $30,000 personal accident cover for their child.

Thanks for your participation. The contest is now over and the correct answers are highlighted in red below

1. Why are green vegetables important to your child’s health?
A. They have lots of vitamins and minerals
B. They make their hair grow
C. They make their teeth shiny
D. They look good in salads

2. If your child is bleeding from a mild injury, what should you hold to the cut?
A. Antiseptic wipe
B. Clean towel
C. Cotton Ball
D. Your Hand

3. Which is the most important hygiene habit to teach young children?
A. Use a tissue to cover a sneeze
B. Don’t share a glass or eating utensils
C. Wash hand frequently
D. Take a bath daily

4. Seat belts and child safety seats are necessary only for long-distance driving or for travelling at fast speeds
A. True
B. False

5. When your child cuddles the family cat or dog, and the pet has a spot on its skin, what infection is your child most likely to get?
A. Tapeworm
B. Pinworm
C. Roundworm
D. Ringworm

6. Caffeine in cola and other beverages interferes with a child’s ability to absorb which of these?
A. Calcium
B. Minerals
C. Oxygen
D. Vitamins

7. The commonest place where childhood injuries occur is
A. School
B. Home
C. Playground
D. Restaurants

8. Which of these is the leading cause of death among young children aged 5 to 14 in Singapore?
A. Drug abuse
B. Unintentional injury
C. Sports activities
D. Eating disorders

Did you get them all correct? Participants who answered all questions correctly have won for themselves:

  1. a copy of “THERE IS NO SECRET TO FENG SHUI PARENTING” By Ann Law worth $27
  2. 1 year complimentary $30,000 Personal Accident Cover for their child
  3. An invite to THERE IS NO SECRET TO FENG SHUI PARENTING workshop in July conducted by the author herself. Details will be announced once the date and venue is confirmed.


The rest of the participants have won for themselves:

  1. MacDonalds Food voucher
  2. 1 year complimentary $30,000 Personal Accident Cover for their child


Contest is organised by Albert Ng & Associates and prizes are sponsored by Edu Quantum Learning Resources Pte Ltd.

All winners will be contacted by a representative from Albert Ng & Associates.

Terms and Conditions Apply.

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