KidsSTOP™, Singapore’s only Children’s Science Centre Launches Oceans’ Buddies Exhibit to Introduce Environment Protection to Pre-school and Lower Primary schoolchildren

KidsSTOP™ the Children’s Science Centre today unveiled Singapore’s first virtual ocean with sea creatures in 3-dimension form as part of its plan to educate children on marine life and how they can do their part to protect the environment. This is in line with its mission to spark an interest among young children in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Called “Oceans’ Buddies”, the new project was launched in a ceremony officiated by Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources.

KidsSTOP Oceans Buddies Exhibit

Pilot Pen (Singapore) Pte Ltd supports launch partnership with S$180,000 sponsorship

“With this new exhibit, KidsSTOP™ aims to engage pre-schoolers and lower primary school children on the need to protect and preserve ecosystems. Reinforcing the significance of recycling, reducing and re-using from an early age will also help to shape their thinking and actions for the future. We’re very pleased that our partner, Pilot Pen Singapore, shares the same philosophy.” The learning experience will be augmented with on-site presentations, workshops such as “Under the Sea”, hands-on fun spots and a discovery zone in our Critters Lab (which will complement the exhibit), said Mr Clarence Sirisena, Deputy Chief Executive, Science Centre Board.

Oceans’ Buddies uses immersive technology developed by I-One Group (a home-grown local company) to enhance learning and play. The key highlight is a visually stunning virtual ocean floor projected onto a giant wall where children can see their personalised sea creatures come “alive” as their creations take on a 3-dimensional form.

Complementing the new exhibit is a new wall mural curated around the theme of conservation and illustrates how a polluted sea traps and suffocates marine life. It aims to educate children that as harmless as littering may seem, the collective damage can cause serious harm to marine life.

KidsSTOP Oceans' Buddies Exhibit 2016

To further reinforce the importance of protecting and preserving ecosystems, KidsSTOP™ will also be launching the Oceans’ Buddies Show-n-Tell Competition for pre-schoolers. Centred on the theme of protecting the environment, this competition will be open to all pre-schools. More details on the competition will be released at a later date.

The Oceans’ Buddies exhibit and KidsSTOP™ marine conservation project has been made possible by Pilot Pen (Singapore)’s sponsorship of S$180,000. Together with Pilot Pen’s revolutionary FriXion series pens and the special ink recycling machine provided by Toshiba TEC Singapore Pte Ltd which emits heat and erases the ink on the paper allows each sheet of paper to be recycled and re-used up to five times.

Pilot Pen has always been at the forefront on Environment Conservation and they have a range of environmental friendly products such as Pilot “BeGreen” series where each product is made using at least 70 percent recycled material without compromising the quality or performance. The B2P (Bottle-to-Pen) for instance is a pen designed like a mineral water bottle, made from 89.7 percent recycled content, including recycled PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles. Pilot Pen’s V-Board Master S whiteboard marker is also mainly made from recycled materials, and uses replaceable anti-spillage ink cartridges to reduce wastage.