Congratulations to the following winners of our Kee Song Chicken CNY Bundle Giveaway!

Kee Song Lacto Chicken

The 10 winners are:

  1. Ng Lay Kuen
  2. Carolyn Lim Lay Ping
  3. Li Xiu Ling
  4. Wang Shiyan
  5. Zerain Yeu Zi Yu
  6. Quek Chay Hwai
  7. Ong Wee Beng
  8. Toh Wee Qi
  9. Analiza Bte Mokhtar
  10. Weng Shihui Esther

They have each won a Kee Song Chicken Bundle worth $40.50. Each bundle includes:

  • Kee Song Frozen Lacto Whole Chicken – $11.30
  • Kee Song Frozen Lacto Chicken Breast Skinless – $11.20
  • Kee Song Frozen Lacto Chicken Whole Leg – $11.00
  • Kee Song Frozen Lacto Chicken Wings – $7.00

Prizes will be delivered directly to the winners in a thermal bag.
Winners will be contacted via phone and email.

Terms and Conditions apply. Please also read our Privacy Policy.

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About Song Brothers Poultry Industries Pte Ltd

Kee Song Brothers started their business in 1987 from a local supplier to a leading poultry producer in Singapore and Malaysia. Kee Song Group owns several farms in Malaysia to meet the growing demands of quality grade poultries around the region. Over the years, they have ventured into innovative farming techniques to produce healthier poultries for mankind. In 2007, Kee Song brought in advanced lactobacillus farming technology and introduced a new and advanced way of producing healthier chickens. This was how Kee Song Lacto Chickens (also known as Sakura Chickens over at NTUC) came about and have been sold in local supermarkets since. It has won the Merit for Innovation Award (2009-2011) from Singapore Institute of Food Science and Technology.

Address: No.2 Defu Lane 2 Singapore 539465
Tel: 65 6289 4933
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