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Few will know that antibiotics have been widely used by farmers on the animals to help them grow bigger and ‘healthier’. It is also administered to the broilers to prevent them from developing contagious diseases that can easily wipe up the population at the farm, such as bird flu and E. Coli infection.

In 2007, Kee Song brought in advanced lactobacillus farming technology and introduced a new and advanced way of producing healthier chickens. This was how Kee Song Lacto Chickens (also known as Sakura Chickens over at NTUC) came about and have been sold in local supermarkets since.

Find out more about how their chickens are reared in our visit to Kee Song Chicken farm.

Kee Song Brothers Poultry Industries Pte Ltd

Address: No.2 Defu Lane 2 Singapore 539465
Tel: 65 6289 4933
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