Ever wonder how beautiful birds look when they are hatched? Check out absurdly cute-looking little chicks in the BRC!

jurong bird park breeding and research centre

The Breeding & Research Centre (BRC) is where the incredible journey of life begins for some of Bird Park’s resident birds. For the first time in 24 years, the BRC is open to the public and you can go behind-the-scenes and get a first-hand glimpse into the growth process of these birds.

Jurong Bird Park BRC Nursery, photo by Wildlife Reserves SingaporeThe moment eggs arrive at the BRC, up to the time chicks hatch and are weaned, they receive “eggs-pert” tender loving care and pampering, from the Centre’s officers or “bird nannies” as they are sometimes affectionately known. Since 1988, Jurong Bird Park have successfully hand reared at least 150 chicks and birds each year.

Two incubation rooms, two nursery rooms, three weaning rooms and a kitchen are the eight areas which you can take a peek at the eggs and chicks as they mature through life’s stages, before they are returned to their respective exhibits to join the rest of the bird park family!