School break is arriving! No idea what to keep your children occupied with? Fear not dear mummies, The New Age Parents has lined up a few upcoming June holiday programmes.little-scholars-academy

Little Scholars June Holiday Programme
Chinese Holiday Camp
Date : 2 Jun 2011 (Thursday)
Ages : Nursery 2 to Pri 2
Time : 9 am to 5pm
Fees : $129* (subject to GST)

Etiquette & Deportment Camp
Date : 3 Jun 2011 (Friday)
Ages : 4 to 8 years old
Time : 9am to 5pm
Fees : $129* (subject to GST)

Read & Tell Camp
Dates : 10 Jun 2011 (Friday)
Ages : Nursery 2 to Pri 2
Time 9am to 5pm
Fees : $129* (subject to GST)
Call 65 62423403 or email for more information.
* Includes lunch and 2 snacks, Certificate of Attendance, course materials such as worksheets
Enroll before 19 May 11 & Enjoy 10% Discount

myartpencillogoMy Art Pencil Jun Holiday Art Workshops 2011
Junior Workshop (7-12 years old)
Date : 8th-10th June (Wed-Fri)
Time : 2pm-3:30pm
Fees : $95 per child

Kinder Workshop (3.5 – 6 years old)
Date : 15th-17th June (Wed-Fri)
Time : 2pm-3pm
Fees : $80 per child
Kindly call 96929495 to check for availability.

sportskidsSportsKids Sports Boot Camp
Multi Sports Boot Camp
Venue : Tanglin Community Centre, Singapore
Cost : $320 per camp
Age : 3 – 6 years old

Early Bird Discounts
25% off if enroll before 13th May 2011
20% off if enroll before 20th May 2011
10% off if enroll before 27th May 2011

Email for details or visit

fastrackidsFast Track Kids June Holiday Programmes
Blast Off (3 – 4 years old)
FasTracKids, let’s have a fun ride as we take you to the Moon, Planets and explore the possibility of life on these distant worlds. Travel through the expense of the universe and discover just how much SPACE there are in the universe. So strap yourself in for a great ride!
Dates : 13 – 17 Jun 2011 (Mon to Fri)
Time : 9am to 12pm
Charge : Cost @ $250 including tea breaks

Ready, Set, Travel (5 to 6 years old)
FasTracKids will travel to varies regions of the world and learn how children in those countries live. Visit the FasTracKids International Expo at the end of the week.
Dates : 13 – 17 Jun 2011 (Mon to Fri)
Time : 9am to 12pm
Charge : Cost @ $250 including tea breaks

Earth Science (7 to 9 years old)
The earth reveals its wonder and variety as children explore climate, geology and forces of nature. Activities and games on the Learning Station allow the children to take imaginary world journeys to examine and understand the composition of the earth from its surface to its core. Join us on the 5 days adventure as we learn!
Dates : 6 – 10 Jun or 13 – 17 Jun 2011 (Mon to Fri)
Time : 2pm to 5pm
Charge : Cost @ $250 including tea breaks
Call 6255 0508 for more information

nurture kidsNurture Kids June Holiday Programmes
Dealing with Feelings (4 – 6 years old)
• To become aware & label own feelings
• To understand feelings: angry, happy, frustrated, proud, afraid, sad
• To learn how to deal with uncomfortable feelings
• To learn to perspective take and show empathy

Duration : 3 consecutive days; 3 hours per day
Dates : 1 to 3 Jun 2011 (2-5pm)
6 to 8 Jun 2011 (9am to 12pm)
15 to 17 Jun 2011 (2-5pm)
20 to 22 Jun 2011 (9am to 12pm)
Fees : $210 (plus $25 registration fees)

Resolving Conflicts (7 – 9 years old)
• To understand and respect that we are all different and that people can have different views and feelings
• To learn to recognise and manage uncomfortable emotions
• To learn and practise problem solving, negotiation and cooperation skills

Duration : 3 consecutive days; 3 hours per day
Dates : 30 May to 1 Jun 2011 (9am to 12pm)
8 to 10 Jun 2011 (2pm to 5pm)
13 to 15 Jun 2011 (9am to 12pm)
22 to 24 Jun 2011 (2pm to 5pm)
Fees : $210 (plus $25 registration fees)
Call +65 62884823 or email

mustardseedlogoMustard Seed Early Learning School June Holiday Workshops
Weekly classes from 30 May to 24 June 2011

Language Arts Boot Camp
Age Groups: 2.5 – 6 years old (N1 – K2 Levels)
Class Duration: 2 Hours | Class Size: Six or less

Sign Up Now!
10% discount for sibling/friend

Project Play! Learning Naturally
Ages Groups: 18-30/31-36 months old
Class Duration: 2 Hours | Class Size Six or less

Trial Play! is available
Kindly call +65 64651060 or email for more details
For more information, visit

peekabooPeek-A-Boo’s June Holiday Camp 2011
Join Peek-A-Boo Playground for their fun-filled and enriching camps this June Holidays!

Explore the Chinese culture through Wushu sessions conducted by trainers from Ch’i Life and Chinese Calligraphy sessions taught by Mr. Lee Ping Khoon from Vision Art Studio! Cultivate your child’s artistic talents as they experiment with mediums such as oil paste, washable paints and canvass sheets with dedicated teachers from The LPN Art School!

Sign your child up before 23rd May to enjoy Early Bird Discounts!

Call them at 6440 8355 or email

For more information, visit their website

shawslittleleagueShaws Little League June And July Holiday Camps 2011
If you haven’t planned any activities for your children these holidays, Shaws Little League has the following holiday camps in June and July 2011 (all 9am to noon):
• 30 May to 2 June (full)
• 6 to 9 June
• 20 to 23 June
• 11 to 14 July
• 18 to 21 July

Our holiday camps are for children between the ages of four and nine and are a great way for children to learn and play a wide range of sports, meet other children and just have a great time. There are lots of cooking, art and craft activities thrown into the programme as well.

Please also note that our regular weekly classes will continue to run as well.
If you have any questions, or would like to register for the camps, please email us or call us on 6440 9545.

For more information on our holiday camps, please visit

sportzkulture-logoSportz Kulture “Kids on the Move” Camp June 2011

Date: 9 & 10 June 2011, Thursday & Friday
Time: 9am to 12pm
Venue: Kallang Netball Centre (9 June), Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden (10 June)
Other Weekly Programmes Available:
“Play Pen” 4 to 7 years old
“KidzNet” 6 to 10 years old
“Fun Netball” 10 to 12 years old

Find out more about our programmes:

act3ACT 3 Drama Academy June Holiday Workshops
Five-Day Drama Workshop – Pinocchio
Through a mixture of narration, improvisation and puppet role-play, students will re-enact Pinocchio’s journey into boyhood. At the end of the workshop, the children will be given an opportunity to showcase their performance to loved ones.

For 3 to 10 year olds
Workshop dates and times
6 to 10 June 2011 or 13 to 17 June 2011 or 20 to 24 June 2011
9.30am to 11.30am (till 12.30pm for the older ones) or 3pm to 5pm (from 2pm for the older ones)

Drama Workshop – Frankenstein
The story of Frankenstein is an intriguing one that may have been written in the 1800s but remains a timeless literary treasure of universal themes. The workshop encourages students to explore the dramatics of this dark and mysterious classic as well as invites them to draw parallels with the plot and characters.

For 11 to 15 year olds
Workshop dates and times
6 to 10 June 2011 or 13 to 17 June 2011 or 20 to 24 June 2011
2pm to 5pm

Five-Day Singing Workshop – I Can Be Me
‘I Can Be Me’ is an exciting workshop that teaches the fundamentals of musical performance – singing, dancing and acting – and aims to draw out the pure voices of children. Students will also have the opportunity to present a 20-minute revue surrounding the story of Pinocchio and the theme of being true to oneself.

For 7 to 10 year olds
Workshop dates and times
6 to 10 June 2011 or 13 to 17 June 2011
2pm to 5pm

Five-Day Magic Workshop – Mirage
This awe-inspiring magic workshop aims to build self-esteem and teach children the art of presenting their magic using the skills of creative thinking and good communication.

For 9 to 12 year olds
Workshop dates and times
20 to 24 June 2011
2pm to 5pm

Discounts for all workshops
15% for students currently with ACT 3 Drama Academy
10% if parent is an OCBC Platinum Mastercard or OCBC Arts Platinum Mastercard Holder, OCBC Children Development Account (CDA) Holder, OCBC Mighty SaversTM member and NTUC Education Services Union member

To register for the workshops, call ACT 3 Drama Academy at (65) 6735 9986, email