ColorloonColorloon Foam Clay Kits RRP $15.90

Our best selling Princess, Vehicles and Dino foam clay kits are non-messy, non-sticky, and non-scented. Children paste the foam clay on to Colorloon before inflating into 3D, and create their own 3D toys and art piece.

Includes 4 colours of foam clay and a background to play with. Total 12 SKU available.

Watch how it is done here:

Mosaic Mask Joli PetiteColorloon Hologram Mosaic Kits RRP$15.90

There are 3 kits in this range – fish, bird or masks. Each kit consist of 3 x colorloon and hologram mosaic. The concept is the same, stick on the mosaic before inflating 3D colorloon, this series will be suitable for young children and mess free at the same time.

Colorloon Foam Mini Foam Clay Kits RRP$9.90

Top choice for Party favours and events! Similar to the standard foam clay kits but slighter smaller in size, and comes with only 3 colours of foam clay without background.

vehiclesColorloon DIY Vehicles Kits $9.90/ Colorloon DIY Masks Kits $7.90

Suitable for younger children as they explore other craft materials to colour, stick, decorate their 3D vehicles or masks. Contains two colorloons and no foam clay.

All colorloon are patented in USA and Made in Korea with required safety certificates. We also welcome all corporate & wholesale enquiries at

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Joli Petite is giving away Colorloon Bundles (worth $59.50 each) to 2 lucky winners!

Each set consists of Colorloon Foam Clay, Hologram Mosaic, Foam Mini Foam Clay, DIY Vehicles & DIY Masks Kits.

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