Traditional & Holistic Postnatal Centre is having some promotions on their post-natal products.

grass photo by jamu massageTrue Naturals

Ginger Extract Refined Whitening Scrub

A creamy refreshing effective natural ingredients to exfoliate dead skin cells on the upper layer of skins and increase circulations to promote new skin cells. It nourishes, refreshes and moisturizes your skin. Reduce roughness and deeply cleanse your skin.

Skin Renewal Cream

Specially formulated with a balanced mixture of fruits extracts to gently remove the appearance of discolorations of skin tone under the armpit, inner thigh and tummy. Helps to smoothen skin texture.

Specially Design Cloth Binder

Z-binder photo by jamu massage The binding of a woman’s abdomen post delivery has been used therapeutically for centuries all over the globe.

Increased and constant pressure against the abdominal area has many benefits. It has been known to help flatten the belly and redefine the waistline while helping you keep your back straight, thus minimizing associated pain .

This is simply a breathable and comfy exclusively tailored abdominal wrap to assist your body in regaining its former beauty and shape. Provides strong support to help relieve discomfort and give you that extra boost of confidence you deserve after childbirth.

Hot Stone

Hot stone photo by jamu massageHot Stone therapy promotes relaxation and to help open up the medians (energy pathways). Muscles are pretreated with the heated stones to helps promotes deep muscles and tissue relaxation , releases toxins, improves circulation and is good for mothers after delivery to be place on the tummy or to compress breast which help release bad engorgement.

It helps to expelled wind and tummy feel more comfortable when the hot stone is place on it.

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