Parenting is not solely just for mother anymore; now, fathering is the new hottest issue for parenting. In this modern society, the trend of looking after children belongs to both male and female gender, with such a swift change in parenting fashion, Jacob’s conducted the first ever study of fathering in Singapore.

Today we have healthier choice of food, with better taste, better quality and value. Today’s parent share stories with each other, be willing to ask, be willing to question, these will enhance family ties.

Parenting is no one day effort, it takes time and efforts…

Jacob's Walk Of Life

Powerful Panel for the Morning..

A panel discussion was held on a Friday afternoon at Orchard Central with repudiated panel namely (Ms Kalpana– an experienced nutritionist, Ms Madeline Chan– A successful working mother, Dr Daniel Fung– Chief ,Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Mr Lam Pin Woon– Chief Director of Health Promotion Board, Mr Lim Soon Hock– Chairman, National Family Council and Centre for Fathering, Mr Gurmit Singh – reowned famous local celebrity father and Mr Eric Teo – Executive Chief of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Singapore.

Today’s Fatherhood

The charming and powerful, head of the family: father has now a new role- a family care giver. Jacob’s sees the important change in parenting and wanted to highlight on how today father is influencing their children with diet such as shopping in supermarket, choosing the food for the family and even cooking a meal for the young kids.

A more health conscious Singapore Family

With a more health conscious society, even father has been a contributing effort to it. More than 60 percent of the parents in the survey are well informed when it comes to their children diet. As comparable to their wives, they are also knowledgeable about food and nutrition. A humorous quotation by the panel is that

Singaporean Father is everything, especially when it comes to driving

Jacob's Walk of LifeA self inflicted stress by Children not their Father

Most people think that father is the ultimate “evil” role that pushes the children to work hard for school. However, the truth is these impressions are generally created by the children themselves.

The utterly amazing truth is, the top concern of the father for their children is no doubt their well being. Dr Daniel stated that quality time is important, but spending one hour talking to your son in the car is definitely not good enough. “You only have quality time when you have enough time”, well said, Dr Daniel.

Technology Vs Parenting

Phone, PSP, Xbox etc… Children’s toy are no longer the simple marble ball or play dough we used to have many years ago.

Mr. Gurmit Singh believe that even with the advanced of technology, it is alright for the children to acquire and play with them, the reason being games does have their set of rule and make logical sense to children.

In addition, he stressed that an hour or two of gaming is fine, long hours of playing with technology toys are not encouraged. Gurmit also shared with media that, his children introduces him to new hobbies, they are like friend, playing with the latest toy in town together.

Genderless Parenting

Ms Madeline shared with the panel that there is no hard and fast rule to parenting. Parenting should be managed by both father and mother. As long as one of them is there for the kid, there are not specific role dedicated to the parents. Jacob's Walk Of Life

Healthy Eating Methods

Ms Kalpana, our nutritionist’s view point of healthy diet is eating less carbohydrate, more vegetable and fruits.  She joked that kids nowadays love potato chips and other unhealthy snacks. She wondered how these foods are even processed, however she was not against the idea of snacking them, eating in moderation is the way to go.

Chief Eric Teo shares the same views as Ms Kalpana, He encourages his family to only have enough rice, and one bowl will be just the right size. We understand that modern families still have a long way to go to be committed to a healthy living, parenting for both mum and dad.

This year Jacob’s Walk of Life will be taking place in Singapore with the support of Health Promotion Board. For more information, please view our article Jacob’s Walk of Life 2010:

Jacob's Walk of Life 2010

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