Mr. Lee Hann YangIn 2008, “WINK to LEARN” was founded by Mr. Lee Hann Yang and his wife. We had an opportunity to interview Hann Yang and listen in to his journey.

The New Age Parents (TNAP): I’ve heard friends talking about your “Speak & Read” Chinese DVD series. Their young children seem have a strong foundation in recognizing, and understanding the meanings of the basic words in the Chinese vocabulary.

Hann Yang: In our Flashcard DVDs, we make sure that every single word is accompanied by a picture. We believe that at a young age, children are able to have an easy time learning languages using real-life images. This is also the reason why we had incorporated musical rewards are incorporated at the end of every video. Children have the opportunity to learn songs related to the video’s theme, and get transported to visit places in China, Germany, Africa, and various other destinations.

TNAP: But, considering the children’s young age, how effective are these educational DVDs?

Hann Yang: We believe that the window of opportunity for learning opens during the first seven years of life. 95% of brain development occurs in this period. Our Speak & Read DVD series (flashcard-based DVDs) are based on proven flashcard techniques pioneered in USA and Japan. This makes them far more effective than any other early language learning programs in town. We believe that such an investment in our children has a lasting influence on their future.

TNAP: Definitely, I’m glad that many young parents now know about the benefits of early learning for young children.

animal-encyclopedic-dvd-african-safari-englishHann Yang: “WINK to LEARN” is tailored for families to start their children with the basic and fundamental knowledge of each language. The inspiration to develop this tool originated while I was looking for resources to support my children’s learning. Children are emotive learners. They learn best when they are happy. Some like songs, others like pictures, animals, outdoors, nature, etc… This is why we had developed a nice range of programs that cater to different interests.

For example, our Animal Encyclopedic DVD series is supported by Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park to help children in learning English and Chinese through the animals and birds from these world-renowned parks. Together with the Singapore Zoo and Bird Park, 6 Encyclopedic video DVDs have been developed to bring the animals in their natural habitat into the home.

TNAP: The pictures of the words presented in each “Speak and Read” lesson seem to go beyond just learning to speak and read the words, but to tell a story and provide background and depth in their meaning.

Hann Yang: We recommend that children watch 1-2 lessons a day. Parent’s interaction with children is essential in optimal development. Children have an innate desire to learn. The belief we have in them, and the value we place on them further instills confidence in them and their motivation to learn.

TNAP: We shall remember the two golden rules in the parents’ guide. “Stop before your child wants to stop” and “Reinforcement is essential in early learning”.

Speak Read English 4-Dvds ProgramHann Yang:  The “Speak to Read” series has 6 progressive levels of learning which include real life categories such as actions, animals, food, transportation, things at home, my body, my family, personal belongings, and much more. Currently, four languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) are available. In the near future, they intend to develop the series in Malay, Bahasa Indonesia, Spanish, German, French, Italian and more.

Sample videos from each DVD set are streamed in their website. Visit to find out more about the products. Enjoy!

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