With Wild Animal Baby Explorers, the entire natural world is revealed in such up-close, glorious detail that viewers can practically see, smell, touch, and taste it!

wild-animal-baby-explorersJoin intrepid wildlife Explorers Skip, Izzy, Benita, and Sammy, along with the guidance of the supportive and spirited Miss Sally, as they travel on the land or deep in the oceans, high up in a wind-tossed tree or even higher up in the sky.

From ants to zebras, from aardvarks to zooplankton, the natural world teems with life. Each episode is a kid-relatable story-telling session. Each volume explores:

  • Volume 1 – Kangaroos, Birds and Oak Trees
  • Volume 2 – Beetles, Dolphins, Canadian Geese, Elk, and Monarch Butterflies
  • Volume 3 – Pandas, Koalas, Monkeys, Hippopotamuses, Turtles, Bears, Foxes and Moose
  • Volume 4 – Frogs, Leaf Cutter Ants, Zebras and Giraffes
  • Volume 5 – Crabs, Seahorses, Snails, Tortoises, Koalas and Spiders
  • Volume 6 – Caterpillars, Iguanas, Porcupines, Lionfish, Sea Urchin and Coyotes
  • Volume 7 – Jellyfish, Anemones, Octopuses, Squid, Cuttlefish, Lizards, Iguanas, Crocodiles, Alligators and Bears
  • Volume 8 – Rainforests, Animal communication and sleep, Otters, Animal that lay eggs and Animals that live upside down


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