Looking for a secure children’s cup with a secure click-and-lock lid?

Infantino is giving away 10 Sesame Street Click Lock Insulated Straw cups (worth $13.90) to 10 lucky winners!

Infantino Cup Giveaway

To take part, go to http://a.pgtb.me/4JBdZx

Contest ends 27 May.

Terms and Conditions apply.

The names of the winners are:

  1. Beth Tan
  2. Esther Bong
  3. Florence Ho
  4. Fong Kam Fong
  5. Jenny Ng
  6. Lyn Yao
  7. Ong Hui Pei
  8. Shuzhen Hong
  9. Swee Leu
  10. Verene Ting