hungry baby contest

Want to WIN the right tools for feeding?
Join our hungry baby contest to win!

  1. Send us a picture of your (4 months to 3 years old) little one eating/feeding to
  2. We will upload into our contest album for you, share your picture and get your friends to like your picture! (friends must be fans of Jam and Muffin)
  3. TWO winners will be picked! The one with the most likes will win a Mother’s Corn Smart Toddler Set, while the one with the most likes from Jam and Muffin team will win a Mother’s Corn toddler snack cup.

About Mother’s Corn:

Made from PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) which is extracted from corn starch, Mother’s Corn cutlery is stronger than conventional plastics and possess no harm to the environment as it is totally biodegradable. It is the best replacement to conventional plastics.

Why choose Mother’s Corn products?

snackcupset_mother's cornSAFE

1. BPA Free
As the Mother’s corn products made of corn are free from not only environmental hormone but also other hazardous ingredients like carcinogenic substance, heavy metals and the like, they can be used to serve hot food or even damaged or babies can bite or suck (gum down) them without any problem.

2. Using Non-Toxic Ink
As non-toxic ink certified by an accredited agency is used in character design printed on Mother’s corn products, babies can bite or suck (gum down) them safely while they are being in use.

In order to ensure that babies be fed meals in a safer manner, designs are not inserted where their mouths or meals are supposed to contact them.

Mother’s corn baby’s motto, like maternal mind, is ” baby’s health and safe meal be given priority over design. ”


1. Durability
As Mother’s Corn products, though made of corn ingredient, have same durability as plastic products made of petrochemicals, the former is not easily broken even when dropped.

The Baby Soup Bowl is the smaller version of the Mother’s Corn Soup Bowls. The deep and curved design makes it suitable for soups, porridge and other similar food for any toddler. The unique curved design minimises spillage and helps the toddler to scoop out the contents easily.

Mother's corn baby

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