Phonics Fun with Ace

Remember “Ace” – the Talking, Teaching Dog? Educational Insights has developed yet another product with HotDots Jr. This all-new kit includes five sets of colourful cards that enables children to learn phonics independently.

  • Set One introduces children to the sound alphabet.
  • Set Two leads children to recognise and identify short vowels in words
  • Set Three provides children with more practise with long vowel sounds in words
  • Set Four brings children to the next level with word blends and digraphs
  • Set Five kicks starts reading simple sentences, and helps children recognise commonly used sight words.

The lesson guide is thoughtfully designed to help parents extend children’s learning. The “Play and Learn” activities reinforce the new concepts presented in each set of cards. Children have the opportunity to discover that language has meaning in the world around them.

What I liked

I like the colourful illustrations that included a variety of objects familiar to children. Children are challenged to keep learning through the progressive “learn to read” categories. The interactive design of this educational toy makes it possible for children to receive instant feedback as they look and name each picture in the card.

Recommendations for usage

As with all educational toys, your children’s joy in learning and acquiring a love for reading will reflect the effort and time you invest with them. When beginning to introduce each set of card to children, focus on helping them understand how it works before giving it to them to engage in independent learning.

Remember to have fun and enjoy the exciting journey in the world of reading.

Product reviewed by Michele See