Congratulations to the following 10 winners of our Helpling Giveaway.

They can now have a day off and have household chores settled by external help without having to employ a live-in helper.

Helpling Singapore

They have won a 1 hour voucher (worth $20) from Helpling.

  1. Tan Beng Heok
  2. Hee Kwee Yin
  3. Fung Wei Chiang
  4. Chong Pai Hing
  5. Hee Nyun Chey
  6. Chong Qiuying
  7. Chong Yu Tong
  8. Tan Kiang Kiang Valerie
  9. Janey chiam
  10. Koh Gim Hwai

Winners will be contacted via email.

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