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An anonymous soul wish to drive the donation by offering a matching exercise of $1-to-$1 donation subject to the maximum of $10k. Any donation that comes in after 12pm today (19 Jun 2009) till the end of this drive (29th Jun 2009), Charmaine will get double.

However, there’ are conditions to meet:
* Charmaine must survive her op last Thu.
* Donors must be a member in HWZ

Please donate via HWZ with Stardustz!


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We were alerted via a facebook message from Anderson Junior College Alumni (PH was from AJC).  It was titled “Help save a child of one of our alumni” – By Marcus Pang

As a mother myself, I can feel the pain of Cynthia and really touched by the ongoing efforts to help raise fund for the little girl Charmaine Lim who is in the Operating Threatre as i wrote this (18 Jun 2200hrs)

After finding out more from other blogs, i found out that her case has also been highlighted across various news platforms:

If anyone of you would like to make a donation, please click here for instructions. Family and friends of Charmaine will also be organising various fund raising activities to help raise the money required for her treatment – which you can participate in if you would like to help out in ways other than donating money.

Charmaine LimThanks everyone for taking the time to read this and your kind action will go a long way to help Charmaine Lim in her fight against cancer.

And to Cynthia and Charmaine – be strong!

Thank you.

Elaine & Poh Heng


For more information on cash donation and paypal, please see this post


The exact quote of the Facebook message is below:

Dear All,

Today I’m typing this message with sadness and hope. A lovely little girl, by the name of Charmaine, has been struck with a tumor and needs help in all forms – prayers, financial aid and all.

I can’t describe it better than her mum, so I’m quoting her mum from a letter to our AJCAA President directly from here –

My Charmaine has just completed 4 out of 5 rounds of chemotherapy at NUH in May. Her doctor said that Charmaine has only 10% – 20% chance to live.

I still feel very down and lost.

A few weeks ago, Charmaine’s doctor told me that a drug in New York will double up her chance of survival to 40% – 50%. Suddenly, I saw a glimpse of hope for her. Unfortunately, the drug is not available in Singapore and is not yet approved in Singapore.

I, then, asked her doctor how much I would need to gather to bring Charmaine to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre (MSKCC), New York for the drug. I was told USD $350,000 is required as the upfront deposit before treatment begins.

My glimpse of hope quickly vanished.

I felt numbed…I just cried…

For I felt awfully helpless…

Where am I going to find half a million Singapore dollars?!

Am I going to lose my daughter?

I don’t want to lose my child…

I want to try…

I will never forgive myself if I do not even try…

I shall try. I shall plead.

I plead with you to try to help me organise a private donation drive within your network of friends and working colleagues. You can choose from a range of fundraising ideas on Fundraising or come up with a fundraising idea of you own. Please pardon me for making this challenging request unto you. As a mother, I must try for my child. I must try. I am really really sorry if I have been rude.

Please help me. I am desperate.

If you can help Charmaine’s treatment with a private donation drive, please go to Fundraising to choose a fundraising idea and to fill in a simple form to start the ball rolling. I will be absolutely grateful!

If, for any reasons that you are unable to, do not feel bad about it. I understand. Nevertheless, I would still like to thank you for your time reading and considering fulfilling this special request.

Cynthia Lim

Her road to hope can be seen on this blog:

Links are as follows:

Please take a look at it, and if there’s anything you want to know, or help to contribute, reply to this message and we at AJCAA will help you get more information about it.
Best Regards,

Marcus Pang

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