Philips-LogoThe ‘Healthier Schools, Brighter Kids’ idea is the winner of The ‘+’ Project crowdsourcing contest held by Philips in Singapore.

Together with partners and key societal organizations, Philips will now move into the implementation phase to realize the winning idea aimed at transforming schools into healthy environments to learn, grow and play. Over the next few months, Philips will start to identify partners for this project and will invest up to US$50,000 to put in programs to make healthier schools and encourage healthy living.

The ‘Healthier Schools, Brighter Kids’ idea aims to transform schools into healthy environments to learn, grow and play, by putting in place programs to encourage healthy living. This includes setting up relaxation rooms to help children de-stress and recharge, consulting nutritionists to encourage healthier food habits and rolling out a sleep program to assess and improve students’ sleep habits. Through this holistic approach, Philips will develop a model where schools will promote a healthier lifestyle for children in addition to imparting learning.

Philips also engaged the Our Singapore Conversations (OSC) secretariat by sharing insights garnered from The ‘+’ Project survey. The findings of the Philips survey will help provide further inputs on the health and well-being challenges faced by Singaporeans and support the government’s goal of gathering feedback and spurring the Singapore conversation.

Specifically developed to engage people from all walks of life in Singapore on local health and well-being challenges impacting the nation, The ‘+’ Project also aims to provide a platform to co-create meaningful innovations to address some of these challenges. Launched on September 25, 2012 with participation from the People’s Association. Over 10 weeks, more than 6,800 Singaporeans voted for and ranked five concrete ideas developed by Philips with its key industry partners and influencers, to improve the quality of life in Singapore.