Daio Paper Corporation, the manufacturer of GOO.N diapers and Japan’s biggest paper product manufacturer, issued a letter to assure customers about the safety of GOO.N diapers. To summarize:

– GOO.N factory is located in Ehime prefecture and is some 800km from Fukushima prefecture. GOO.N diapers are not exposed to any radioactive influence.

– To provide peace of mind for customers, Daio engaged an inspection facility to measure radioactive level in GOO.N samples. Results indicate same minute level of radioactive reading as exist in the natural world.
Conclusion: Current disaster has zero impact in GOO.N diapers in term of radioactive level.

– Daio has installed equipment to measure radioactive level and added radioactive inspection to Daio’s stringent QC process. The process is already in place and proven products made recently are totally safe. In unlikely scenario of problems being detected, they will never be shipped.

– Daio will always make sure to manufacture GOO.N to the highest health standards.

GOO.N diapers are distributed in Singapore by diapers.com.sg

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