Beating Plastic Pollution – Implementing Fees, Ditching Plastic Straws, What Else?

Using plastics is a habit with Singaporeans. Whether they’re out shopping or grabbing food-to-go, plastic is tops – from convenient takeaway containers and cups to plastic bags.

With plastic recycling rates almost nearing 0% according to a survey, how can we collectively, as a nation, and as individuals, do our part to tackle this problem?

Instead of imposing fees, which most people are willing to pay for, and like many F&B establishments are doing, what the Food Republic aims to do is to develop a culture of recycling and reusing. Consumers are encouraged to bring their own thermal flasks and are incentivized through price discounts.

The ‘Go Green’ campaign launched in June by the Food Republic sold 10,000 thermal flasks for a dollar each. More than a quarter returned for discounted drinks. Encouraged by the positive initial response, Food Republic has decided to continue the campaign starting 5 Sep to 31 Dec 2018.

So, join us in eliminating plastic pollution by bringing your own flasks to the Food Republic and get a 10% discount.

The most powerful eco-friendly changes we can make are often small habits that truly add up over time.

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