Glenn Doman’s “How To Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge” and Encyclopedic Bits (Basic Vocabulary) is now selling at only $36! (Usual price $90)

How To Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge Book

Learning and absorbing information is a brain function. Very young children can absorb information without effort and find enormous pleasure in doing so and children are far more intelligent than we had ever dreamed. This book show how parents can teach their child and what great fun early learning can be to both the child and parents. The authors present a step-by-step program that enables parents to create a joyous and productive learning environment at home.

Designed for use with the book, the Gentle Revolution® Encyclopedic Knowledge Programs allow you to take advantage of those early developmental years, when your child’s ability to learn is limitless.

glenn doman encyclopedic knowledge kit

The Encyclopedic Knowledge Series gives your child a life-long love of learning, respect for knowledge for its own sake and a broader and richer vocabulary and provides parents with the tools they will need in order to organize and expand what they are teaching. Both parent and child will maximize learning and experience the joy of accomplishment with minimum expenditure of time.

Each of our Bit of Intelligence cards employ a beautiful museum-quality, heavy-stock, water-resistant image on the front and ten related facts (Programs of Intelligence) on the back. The Basic Vocabulary Set includes words such as Banana, Apple, Orange Juice, Grapes, Bread, Car, Bed etc. There are other bits of intelligence card sets that you can also find for subjects such as Biology, Natural History, Math, Music, or amazing people throughout history that were composers, explorers and inventors with over 30 titles to choose from.

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