Studies have shown that early exposure to maths in the real world increases children’s IQ levels in later years. What can you do to ensure your child starts off on the right footing?

Getting children to love maths

Children may begin to understand the concept of numbers as early as three years of age, even if they may not be able to write or recite numbers yet, says Lau Chin Loong, Co-founder of Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M). The general guideline is to expose children to the world of numbers at around 4 years of age but in a creative and fun way.

A holistic approach to learning mathematics

From the way the trainers engage students in the class, to the way questions are phrased and how solutions are presented in their worksheets, the centre adopts a holistic approach. Skills such as critical thinking, heuristics, logical reasoning, metacognitive understanding, and solving word problems with modelling techniques are fostered. By the end of their programme, students will be well equipped with an array of skills to confidently embrace future challenges in the world of numbers.

S.A.M works!

Mother Angela shares, “I like the fact that the S.A.M program is catered for preparation of the Singapore Mathematics syllabus. Also, the progression is based on individual ability. This has allowed my 6-year-old son to progress to a higher level of maths in a fun and interesting manner.”

Mrs Hoh, who signed both her daughters up after a trial assessment, saw a change in their attitude towards maths. “Since their enrolment into S.A.M, I have seen great improvement in my elder daughter’s approach towards word problems. She is nine this year and is now able to solve word problems with the use of bar modelling techniques. My younger daughter who is six is able to apply different approaches to solve addition and subtraction sums. I believe the programmes have not only helped them to learn the different methods to approach mathematical sums but more importantly, they changed their attitude towards maths. Their confidence level has increased tremendously.”

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