Date: 4 Mar 2017
Choose from:
Session 1: 10am to 3.30pm
Session 2: 12pm to 5.30pm
Venue: Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Level 4, Orchid & Melati Room
Tickets: $20 (Single), $30 (Couple)

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First Mums and Dads Congress 2017

Going to be a First-time Parent soon? Join in this Pregnancy Celebration + Seminar! Back for the 12th year running, learn from the experts from Thomson Medical Centre and prepare yourself well as you embark on a journey to parenthood.

Programme Highlights

  1. Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Delivery and Breastfeeding Success
  2. Bringing Baby from Womb to the World: A First-time Parent’s Top 10 Must Knows
  3. Your Breastfeeding Journey and Tips to Soothe A Crying Baby (with Live Demo)

FMDC 2017 Breastfeeding Journey

Celebrate your Pregnancy and learn about Parenthood through Interactive Games!
Win up to $3,000 Worth of Prizes!
Here’s a snippet of some games to enjoy at the session.

Baby Bingo
Learn about pregnancy and baby essentials through Bingo!

Daddy Baby Bump Challenge
Each new Dad-to-be will don a pregnancy belly vest and be tasked with challenges to fully experience pregnancy in the third trimester.

Guess What It Is
Be the fastest to guess correctly a series of pixelated baby essential and explain its purpose of use.

Sign up here now! Get a Goodie Bag worth $100 and win up to $3,000 prizes!

First Mums' & Dads' Congress 2017