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Dear Parents and Preschool Educators,

You have the opportunity to learn the SECRETS to Finland’s Early Years Success with Ms Saara Viteli, Master Trainer, this August.

These Fun Learning Workshops give you the opportunity to discover and learn the latest learning technologies in the early years education globally and bring your children’s education experience to the next level with 21st Century skills and the Fun Learning Approach, which has made Finland one of the most successful models in Early Childhood Education

For Parents: Theory and Discussion

Discover how you can incorporate the Fun Learning Approach in the Early Years of your child’s development.

Date and Time: 4th (Thursday) or 5th August(Friday) , 6pm to 9pm @ S$97.00

For Educators: Fun Learning in practice

Master hands-on applications of the Fun Learning Approach to create innovative and fun early childhood practices.

Date and Time: 6th August (Saturday), 9am to 3pm @ S$197.00


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Speaker Profile

Saara Viteli, Vice President, Fun Academy Master Trainer (early years)

M.A in Education (Early Childhood Education) University of Helsinki, Finland M.A in Special Education, University of Jyväskylä, Finland, B.A. in Early Childhood Education, University of Helsinki, Finland

Throughout her career Saara has been in an active role in training educators and early years faculty teams to master a high standard of professionalism in the field. Saara started as the Master Trainer for Fun Learning in 2014, and has since then trained teachers in multiple locations in China, Singapore, the USA and Finland. Saara also frequents as a speaker and is active in hosting Fun Learning workshops at early years forums and global conferences.

Saara has her background in early years education and special education consultancy. She has established an all outdoors curriculum based on experiential learning and adventure pedagogy. After securing these outdoors curricular groups to scale, she has worked in the field of early years education in Finland as a development director focused on starting up new locations to ensure the highest quality through supporting each team of educators to view learning as fun!

In the past years Saara ́s favorite hobby has been the role of the lead architect & trainer in designing the process for early years locations in Southern Finland to upgrade their facilities to the 21st century through incorporating the digital learning environment (devices, applications and most of all the training for a revised pedagogical mindset.)

Saara is passionate about supporting early years educators to grow to their full potential as early years professionals facilitating 21st century Fun Learning opportunities for our youngest. Through this, she believes, is how we make the world of tomorrow a better place!

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