Globe Toddlers DVD - MexicoThe Globe-Toddlers – Adventures in Mexico DVD allows children to explore and discover new things about the world.

Viewers may choose and select to  watch the DVD in four languages, English, Chinese, Spanish, or French. The entire program is approximately 39 minutes long.

What I like about The Globe-Toddlers – Adventures in Mexico DVD:

– A menu page which allows the viewer to select their choice of interest, ranging from transportation, food, beach, birthday, jungle and etc.

– Contains a wide range of multimedia, such as puppetry, animation, live footages, still photos of the living habitats and landscapes of Mexico

– Learn about fun facts such as the life cycle of a butterfly, and finding out the source of chocolates

Live footages of animals, such as a whale, shark, turtle eel and other ocean creatures

Regional folklore dances performed by children

– Recommended follow-up activities available at the back of the DVD

In a nutshell, The Globe-Toddlers – Adventures in Mexico is educational and informative, especially for parents who want to expose their children to different languages and to learn more about the world. Children exposed to different languages during their first formative years of their life will not only have an easier time learning foreign languages later in life, they also have improved listening, problem-solving, and reasoning skills.

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