quantum-logoEdu.Quantum offers Mathematics, Science and English Programs from Primary 1 to Primary 6 level. They pride themselves as a coaching centre, as opposed to a tuition centre. Psychological techniques, positive education emotions and parental support are used to help children learn essential life and academics skills.

The philosophy of the centre is to train their students to be leaders, not followers. In essence, Edu.Quantam’s interest is to keep their student’s interest in learning. Their students learn the SUCCESS formula to do well in school:

  • Excel in their studies
  • Build up their interpersonal skills
  • Be a fun person to be around

As their students gain confidence in themselves and their learning abilities, they also pick up these essential techniques: Teambuilding, Presentation skills, Study skills, Confidence building and Creative Writing.

Child’s view of learning

Before addressing a child’s academic results, we should first seek and understand their view towards learning. Children often feel that there is very little disregard for their feelings towards learning, and they may feel resentful that their rights to play or free time have been violated. Homework is a chore, and they feel they are forced to do things (i.e. go for tuition) that are not to their liking or decision. This, he said, is the beginning of a negative emotion towards learning.

Therefore, for a child to learn well, we should access the level of emotional association the child is at towards learning – is it positive, negative or neutral? That is where the psychological approach in Edu.Quantum comes in.

Intelligent Reader Program

Edu Quantam’s latest program Intelligent Reader, aims to equip children with the essential reading and comprehension skills. “Most of the time, children can read, but do they truly understand what they read?” Roderick asks. “Each child has a different level or reading stress, due to the influence by personal learning styles. That is why we encourage parents to sit in during the first few sessions of our program, and practice our teaching methodologies with other children, and not their own children. In this way, parents are exposed to different learning styles, and know what the appropriate strategies to guide them are.” The first and last sessions of the program will be videoed, to check with the class level of competency and how they have progressed.

Roderick and his students

Coach, and not teach

What stands out in Edu.Quantum, as compared to the other tuition centers is their emphasis on personal development and addressing the emotional needs of a child.Here, academic subjects are used as a medium to address the emotional needs of a child.Programs at Edu.Quantum are geared towards their emotional needs, and fine tuned according to the Ministry of Education curriculum standards.

Psychological techniques are adopted in each class, to motivate and address their emotional needs. “We believe once their needs are met, children will be more inclined to want to learn more.” Besides using psychological techniques, lessons are conducted in a fun and interactive way. For example, Roderick engages his students in role-playing activities, to learn speaking and social skills. To engage the older children in discussions and brush up on their speaking skills, he uses newspapers articles and talks about current affairs with the class.

Parents as Partners

Edu.Quantum also organizes Coaching workshops for parents. In addition, when a new student enrolls in his class, Roderick will always hold informal interviews them, together with their parents. Meetings with parents are a frequent occurrence, to follow-up on their child’s personal and academic performance. As Roderick nicely sums it up, “You don’t teach your child, you work along with him or her. You coach them, inspire, and equip them.”

About Roderick Chua
The consultant and head coach at Edu.Quantum Learning Systems, Roderick has had more than 20 years of experiences teaching, coaching and guiding youths as a tutor and pastoral counselor. Currently pursuing his Masters in Counselling Psychology, Roderick is interested to enhance the emotional attitude of his students towards learning.

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You are invited to a free introductory workshop on 18 June, 2011, at 2pm to 4 pm. The workshop will be held at 2 Serangoon Road #04-16, The Verge (former Tekka Mall). All parents will receive a free gift for their child.

To register, please contact Serene Chong at 6566 8835 or 9665 2567.

Written by Michelle Ang