Breathe Easy with the latest Dyson Pure Cool!

Dyson Pure Cool - fan and air purifier

TNAP is giving away two sets of Dyson Pure Cool (worth $999 each) to two lucky winners!

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2. Solve this simple Dyson Crossword puzzle and fill in your particulars together with your answers.

Dyson Crossword Puzzle


1. It can run for six months, or 4382 _____ of continuous use.

4a. It takes less than _____ seconds to replace the filter.

6. The Dyson Pure Cool’s filter has been _________ 254 times, meaning it can trap even the smallest particles.

7. The Dyson Pure Cool has been accredited with the ______ mark to ensure that your baby sleeps at night.

8. Dyson’s filter technology captures 99.95% of ultra-fine __________ as small as PM0.1.

9. The Dyson Pure Cool is a 2-in-1 fan and __________.


2. Its compact footprint makes it 70 percent _________ than a conventional purifier.

3. The Dyson Pure Cool uses patented Air __________ technology to circulate purified air around the whole room.

4. The Dyson Pure Cool has an in-built __________ timer.

5. The Dyson Pure Cool is available in ________ colours.

Answers can be found here or at

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Contest ends 13 September 2015.

Winners will be notified via phone and email.

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