Doctor for a day Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

Congratulations to the following two winners of our Doctor for a Day tickets giveaway!

  1. Jenny Sum
  2. Faith Heng

They have won one ticket to the Doctor for a Day programme on 7 December, Sunday at 3.40 pm (entire programme runs for approximately 90 minutes).

Parents do not require a ticket and will not be participating. However, they will be able to observe the experience room from outside, along the corridor.

Important Notes:

  • Winners will be notified via phone and email.
  • Your child has to be between 5 to 10 years old to participate in Doctor for a Day.
  • Verification will be needed upon registration.

Terms and Conditions apply. Please also read our Privacy Policy.

Doctor for a day Hospital Land 2014

For those who didn’t win, the Hospital will be opening slots in December to the public. Fore more updates, go to Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital Facebook Page.