Singapore has turned into a bustling metropolis. Noting our fast-paced environment, time seems to be the crucial factor in our daily lives. Over the years, our society have been stressing on education, economy and recently, population and often we spend so much of our time brooding over these worries that we forget about the littlest yet most important things in our life – the time spent with our loved ones and the memories that we share. Time for thanking our parents for sending us to school or capturing the funniest things our children say are replaced by rushing from meeting to meeting.Wheelock College Singapore - Dare to care and share

With a strong desire to advocate for valuing children and families, and inspired by Prime Minister Lee’s call for children to enjoy their childhood, a group of Wheelock College Singapore Early Childhood undergraduates decided to raise awareness for family time and treasuring childhood memories to help to address this issue. Through the event – ‘Dare to Share and Care’ which happened on Friday, 12 April 2013, they dared the public to show their care to family members and share their childhood memories with them.

The event, which was held at the Central Business District and Toa Payoh Hub, successfully dared about 400 members of the public. 50 student volunteers from Wheelock College Singapore came down with a mission to advocate for family time and have a high regard for childhood. Carrying a clipboard filled with exciting ‘dares’, they approached people on the streets and spoke about their hope in seeing families establishing quality time together and children enjoying their childhood.

Participants were to pick a number from 1 to 4 from which their dares would be decided. The dares include: 1) Call your friend and sing them your favourite childhood song; 2) Share your favourite childhood memory; 3) Share your favorite family experience with a friend, and 4) Call a member of your family to let them know how special they are. Once they have completed the dare, participants were given a ‘I Dared to Share and Care’ sticker.

Participants recalled how they enjoyed the playground, harvesting fruits, climbing trees, playing in the river, playing with marbles, spending time with their siblings, sewing dolls from leftover cloth and block catching just to mention a few. It was endearing to hear participants calling their love ones scripting personalized meaningful messages of how much they cherish that relationship. Mr Asri Abdullah, 27, a participant who dared to call his mother to let her know how special she is, shared, “The dare gave me the opportunity to be closer to the one and only person who has made such a great impact in my life – my mom. Thanks for the opportunity to express my deep appreciation and love towards her”.

Listening to recollections of childhood memories has helped these undergraduates gain a deeper insight to the power of an exploratory and active childhood. They were also touched by the sincerity of unity and love shown through phone calls as a result of time investing into building family relationships, and would like to invite everyone to come and join them in valuing childhood and family time.

Watch how the public dared to share and care during their event!

They have dared to share and care, have you?

By Dinah Shahab and Hannah Tsang