I have always wanted to customise sibling t-shirts for Ashton and Ashlyn but brushed the idea aside as the “word” customising seems an expensive thought.

However, I am glad that I have it done up recently with Baby At Work. Ashlyn loves the princesses, so I did a T-shirt with her name “Princess Ashlyn”.

As for Ashton, he is obviously our prince, so I chose picture of a knight with his name “Ashton”.

Ashton and Ashlyn were both excited to receive the customised t-shirts with their name sewn on them and proudly wore them to Little Neuro Tree immediately on Sunday.

customised t-shirtsBaby At Work is a very user friendly platform. Very clear instructions were given on how to customize apparel on a step by step basis. They have quite a wide range of badges to choose from

I played around with a few designs before deciding on the one that I have chosen. They have a good range of designs too. Round collar t-shirts being one of the basics, they have polo-shirts, as well as long sleeved t-shirts for the boys. As for the girls, they have ruffle sleeved t-shirts (my personal favourite) and sundresses. You can even purchase the ballerina “tu-tu” to go with the t-shirts that you have customized for your daughter.

What do I like about Baby-At-Work?
1. The customer service is great! I customized a ruffle-sleeved t-shirt for Ashlyn but realized that it is only meant for kids from 18 to 24 months old. I was worried that it would not fit Ashlyn and emailed them to enquire.

customized t-shirts

They then sent me the size chart that I have overlooked again and ensured me that it is alright to change to another design as long as my order is not processed yet. Apart from that, they offered to refund me the remaining amount if the replacement piece of apparel of my choice has a lower value. In the end, I stucked to my choice as the ruffle-sleeved t-shirt that I have chosen suited petite, little Ashlyn very nicely.

2. The quality of the t-shirts are good (100% cotton). The material is soft and comfortable for the kids. The prices are reasonable and yet the quality is not being compromised.

customized t-shirts baby-at-work6

3. Turnaround time is fantastic. I received my customised t-shirts less that a week upon purchase. What can be improved at Baby-At-Work? The colour selection is limited for certain categories, especially the kids’ category. They stock common designs like round neck tees, long sleeves, sundress and ruffle t-shirts. The primary colours that they have are mainly white and for some girlish designs, they have another variation of pink.

My main concern on choosing a white t-shirt is that children will get the clothing dirty easily, but on the other hand, I love them to be dressed in white. A colour that’s so innocent and bright!

To explore interesting apparel customizing with Baby-At-Work, please visit them at www.babyatwork.com.

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