Children view the world differently from how adults do. Sometimes, they look into things beyond the physical aspects, or sometimes they view the physical fa├žade in such a way adults never imagined. Moreover, everything has its own time for every child – a time to learn, a time to realize.

One day, my friend was doing the usual stuff that a teacher needs to do, including checking of assignments, reports and projects and computing the grades. When the grading season comes, my friend usually forgets that she is a mother because she gets hooked on to the computer without even noticing people around. While doing some of these stuff, she directed her son face to face with a piece of paper, a pencil and coloring materials hoping that would make him behave for the moment. And certainly, the son stayed put for sometime.

He was scribbling and drawing figures after figures when he stood and took out some crayons. He grabbed the yellow and began coloring the image with it. My friend paused out of her work and tried to help her son out. He pointed into the image with a circle and some ray-like structures. The son pointed on the image and proudly announced, “I will color this yellow!” My friend hurriedly said, “No, son, it should be red,” thinking of the fruit they munched out last night. The son insisted in disagreement, “Mama, yellow is the color of the sun!


This story happened a year ago. Yesterday, I had the chance to join the two in watching television while eating the rambutan fruit. My friend remembered the drawing which her son did. She took it out and pointed to that image in yellow color. She then asked her son what the image was. Hali, now three-year old and grinning, answered, “Rambutan.” The two of them looked at each other and burst into laughter.

A child’s innocence never ceases to amaze us. Thought about any special moments between you and your child? Do write in to our parenting website and tell us how you feel!

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