Learning for the child does not happen overnight. We need to seek for ways to enhance our child’s education beyond what he can get from formal schools. There are a lot of enhancement programs which are created for children and software developed to assist young children in learning the basics. We reviewed ClickN Spell, an online spelling program, as one good English Online Program for children age 4 years and above. It covers spelling tests for over 800 words based on the spelling curriculum used in the USA.

The Process

ClickN Spell uses the Copy Cover Compare (CCC) learning strategy for spelling. The CCC has been proven to instill more desirable results than other learning approaches. The program is done by allowing the child to look at the given word and copy it on the space provided. Once the child was able to imitate the word correctly, the child then has to spell it without looking at any model. Then, he has to click on the ‘done’ button to check on the correctness of the word he has written.

The Program

The ClickN Spell software is composed of three parts:

  1. The Spelling Station – Your child’s adventure begins here. He or she will be welcomed by an onscreen teacher named Cosmo Cat. Eight new spelling words are introduced to the child which are recited along within a sample sentence in which the words are appropriately used. For each new word, the child employs the CCC learning strategy to master the spelling.
  2. The Practice Pod – After the first step, your child is redirected to this portion where the words learned in the first exercise are practiced. The spelling typed by the child will be compared to the correct spelling. The incorrectly spelled words will be highlighted until it can be properly spelled by the child.
  3. The Testing Terrace – Your child will be given the chance to answer pop quizzes and level tests which will be composed of twenty randomly selected words from the previous levels.

The ClickN Spell Advantages

  • Like any other computer-assisted programs, ClickN Spell saves you from the hassle of teaching your child manually. In fact, you can do other chores while watching him complete a task which lasts for just 20 minutes.
  • Your child can log in anytime and play. Since it is online, anywhere with internet connection can be a perfect place to learn.
  • Learning reception is intense as computer programs are created in game modes. Your child will not notice that he is already educating himself as he plays the game intended in each lesson.
  • Tracking of your child’s learning is easy and possible as the spelling program allows you to print an evaluation of your child’s progress. The report will indicate the words that your child is weak in and suggest the lessons that need to be reinforce.
  • Efficient and simple. Learning spelling will be done the fun way such that your child will not be compelled to complete the task as an obligation but as part of the game.
  • LIFETIME Subscription with a one time fee. You can use the program again with your second child or pass it to a friend.
  • The ClickN Spell Software is a great ally in teaching your children spelling and word sounds. Reading can be made easy with the help of this program however, it cannot be denied that with great advantages come some setback such as the concern of children get hook on computer game. However, kids learn more efficiently when it is made fun for them.

The program is a web-based learning program and you can access it anywhere with internet connection simply by keying in your username and password. Be entitled to 5% discount off ClickN Spell and ClickN Read by entering coupon code “Phonics10” upon your purchase.

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